ScanScore is a professional tool for scanning, editing and playing sheet music. It imports your printed or digital score material into your computer for further editing. ScanScore employs the cross-platform scoring format MusicXML, rendering it a universal tool for all common scoring software available.

ScanScore comes in three different editions:

  • ScanScore Melody
  • ScanScore Ensemble
  • ScanScore Professional

The (only) difference between the three editions is only in their export restrictions: ScanScore Melody allows you to export only one staff (i.e., a simple song, a lead sheet or an orchestra part). ScanScore Ensemble allows systems of up to four staves(like an SATB choir or a quartet). ScanScore Professional has no limitation on the number of staves allowed for export, so you can scan in bigger choir, big band or orchestra scores.

There is also a trial version of ScanScore, offering all the scanning and editing features but not allowing export at all. If you are working with the trial version and wish to upgrade in order to be able to export your work, you can save your scans in a ScanScore document. After upgrade, you can then go on to open and export your document.

If you are using the trial version and wish to purchase a full license, or if you want to upgrade from Melody or Ensemble to a higher version of ScanScore, click "Upgrade" in the Help Menu or here directly.

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