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Sheet Music Scanner: Scan, Play and Edit your Sheet Music

With the sheet music scanner ScanScore you can scan sheet music and have them played to you. For scanning, you can use a smartphone, a tablet or a conventional scanner. Via the MusicXML interface you can export your notes to almost any music program and edit them further.

Sheet Music Scanner ScanScore

Note: ScanScore requires a computer running Windows 10

Features and functions

Scan Sheet Music with your Smartphone

Scan Sheet Music with a common scanner

Import PDF and picture files

Integrated Music Editor


Sheet Music Scanner: ScanScore

Wouldn't it be fantastic if every sheet music had a play button?
Now with ScanScore, it can. Whether from a phone, tablet, or conventional scanner, you can easily scan and play back printed sheet music wherever you are. ScanScore allows scanning of printed or digital documents in seconds, for playback and further processing in another program.

But that’s not all ScanScore can do. Once your music is scanned, you can then make edits and corrections to the notes.

What can you do with ScanScore?

Scan your sheet music and listen to it
The first step is to download the ScanScore software, then just point your preferred scanning method at the sheet and let it play the notes for you.

Scan your sheet music and transpose it
Don’t just stop at listening to the music. After exporting the sheet music to another program, such as FORTE, Sibelius, Finale, or musescore, you can simply change keys, making it easier to play or sing.

Scan your sheet music and edit it
Via the MusicXML interface, you can then export your notes to almost any music program. There you can edit everything you need as well as simplify, add instruments, change instruments, and change the layout, to name just a few options.

Sheet Music Scanner - Who It’s For 

ScanScore is the ultimate tool for musicians who write their own music as well as those who prefer to play by ear. For practicing difficult sections, ScanScore allows you to play along at any tempo, getting those parts down once and for all. ScanScore is also the ideal accompanist. No matter what instrument you play, simply scan in the sheet music and ScanScore will play the accompaniment while you practice your own part.

Music Teachers
ScanScore is great for music teachers of any instrument, including voice. Using ScanScore, students are able to hear how pieces should sound, whether they are in their lesson or at home. ScanScore Ensemble allows you to scan up to four staves at once, perfect for choirs and groups.

Music Educators
ScanScore can be used for teaching music theory, as well. By scanning any music exercise, students are able to check rhythm and pitch as they study. With the easy-to-use transpose feature, ScanScore is also beneficial for key-changing practice and verification.

Why ScanScore is the right music scanning software for you.

Significantly improved note recognition
ScanScore works with new detection algorithms that produce very good results.

Scan your sheet music and get fast results
The user interface is easy to understand, so that you can digitize your sheet music within a few minutes without frustration.

Extensive, convenient correction options
Of course the result of the recognition with ScanScore is not always perfect. But the correction of detection errors is very extensive and convenient. You can also have the recognition result played to you in order to easily find errors.

Flexible import possibilities with recognition of PDF files
You can scan your music either with your scanner or your smartphone or read in files that you already have digitally on your computer. Even PDF files, for example from the IMSLP library, are no problem for ScanScore.

Export to all programs via MusicXML
It doesn't matter which program you want to use to process the results. ScanScore exports a MusicXML file, which you can then edit in the program of your choice.

Low prices make ScanScore affordable for all musicians
The cheapest version of ScanScore costs only 29 €. This makes it affordable for everyone, but even ScanScore Professional is not only affordable for professionals with 149 €.

We are convinced that it is easy to use and produces quick results. But of course not everything always goes smoothly. That's why we have a competent support team where musicologists can help you to use the program if there are any problems.

Money Back Guarantee
If for any reason you are not satisfied with our music scanning software in the first 30 days after your purchase, we will refund your money. There are no hurdles or formalities to claim this guarantee: A simple email is enough.