Scan, play and edit 
your sheet music

Scan, play and edit sheet music
quickly and easily with ScanScore

  • Simply download ScanScore and use your smartphone, tablet or a scanner to scan your sheet music and play it back to you. 
  • And you can just as easily transpose your score, export your notes to almost any music program and edit them further. 
  • No hassle! Check out this video for more information and download your free trial today… 

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ScanScore 3

Requires a Mac (macOS 10.12 Sierra or higher)
or Windows (Windows 8 or higher)

         Export and playback are limited in the trial version. Purchase a license for all functions!
If many people have requested a trial version, receiving a mail can take several hours. 

Wouldn't it be fantastic if every piece of sheet music had a play button?

Now with ScanScore, it has! 

  • Scan printed and digital sheet music
  • Play back your score
  • Make edits and corrections to the notes
  • Transpose notes, staves or the whole score
  • Add instruments and parts in the new Score mode
  • Export your score for further processing in another program*
    * like MuseScore, Dorico, Sibelius, FORTE, Capella, Notion or Finale
  • Export your score and use sounds and VSTs of your DAW**
    ** like Ableton, Logic, Cubase, ProTools, FL Studio…

What you can do with ScanScore

Scan your sheet music
and listen to it.

  • Download the ScanScore software
  • Scan the sheet music with your preferred scanning method
  • Let it play the notes for you
  • Practice your voice or your instrumental solo before an orchestra, ensemble or choir rehearsal

Scan your sheet music 
and transpose it.

  • Transpose the whole score or just single staves directly in ScanScore
  • Change the key and make it easier to play or sing along
  • Adapt the score to another instrument
  • Print your transposed score with just a few clicks

Scan your sheet music
and edit it.

  • Edit your score easily with ScanScore's correction tools
  • Use the advanced editing functions of the Score mode to rearrange your sheet music
  • Export your score with just one click as a MIDI file or as a MusicXML file adapted for your music notation program.

Who is ScanScore for?

Choir Singers and

ScanScore is perfect for those who love to play or sing by ear. For practicing difficult sections, ScanScore allows you to adapt your part to your vocal pitch.

ScanScore is also the ideal accompanist and can turn your voice in C into a Bb voice, for example. No matter which part you play, ScanScore will play the accompaniment while you practice your part.

Band Leaders, Choir Directors,
Arrangers and Musicians

ScanScore is the ultimate tool for band leaders who want to create parts for individual instruments. As a choir director, you can can use ScanScore to adapt an SATB score to the abilities of your own choir.

Using ScanScore, arrangers and musicians are able to change an arrangement to another instrumentation or listen to the printed sheet music.

Music Teachers and

ScanScore can be used for teaching music theory or for practical lessons. ScanScore is great for music teachers who want to customize their sheet music for playing purposes.

With the easy-to-use note editing and correction features, ScanScore is also helpful for key-changing practice, transposing exercises, pitch and rhythm studies.

Trusted by over 20,000 customers

Learn what our customers and partners have to say about ScanScore:

ScanScore does an excellent job, is easy-to-use and affordable. The program even recognizes more complex partitures, and the text recognition is among the best I have seen!

George F.

Composer and musician

Your product is incredible, and I plan to use it for my singing chorus. Have many projects already lined up! My director loves to take original scores and modify them. This product is going to allow us to make changes very quickly. 

Kevin W.

Choir singer

The new ScanScore engine rocks so much more than the previous version. I can scan my sheet music in with my phone and play it back before I begin practising. It's a game changer. Props to your team!

Rachelle G.

hobby musician

I use ScanScore to practice piano notes with my son. Your program is fantastic. It saves me a lot of time because I don't have to type in the notes myself. And if the notes are too difficult, I transpose them into a simpler key. 

Brian S.

Music teacher

Choose your ScanScore product

For us at the ScanScore team, it is very important that ScanScore 3 not only makes your work much easier, but can also be purchased at a fair price. That's why ScanScore 3 is now available with annual licenses starting at $9.

Three products to suit different numbers of instruments, each with the same superior results:


Scan scores with up to
4 instruments per system

ScanScore 3 Ensemble

Version 3.0.1 06-27-2022

  • For choir singers, piano players, music teachers and


1-year license

Or compare here


Scan complex scores with
unlimited instruments per system

ScanScore 3 Professional

Version 3.0.1 06-27-2022

  • For professional musicians, choir / ensemble directors and composers


1-year license

Or compare here

ScanScore MELODY

Scan simple scores with
1 staff per system

ScanScore 3 Melody

Version 3.0.1 06-27-2022

  • For hobby musicians, students, band members and instrumentalists


1-year license

Or compare here

  • All ScanScore licenses are 1-year licenses. The license is valid 365 days from the first activation. No automatic renewal!
  • Includes a 30 day money back guarantee. Just email us if you're not fully satisfied to get your money back. You take no risk.

What makes ScanScore the right music scanning software for you...

User-friendly – scan sheet music and get fast results

  • The user interface is very easy to understand
  • You can digitize your sheet music within a few minutes, without frustration

Extensive, convenient correction and editing options

  • The correction of scanning errors using the toolbars is extensive and convenient
  • The new and enhanced playback feature makes finding errors easy

Flexible import possibilities with recognition of PDF files

  • You can scan or read in files that you have digitally on your computer
  • Even PDF files, for example from the IMSLP library, are no problem for ScanScore.

Significantly improved note recognition

  • ScanScore 3 works with the newest detection algorithms to produce excellent results.

New: Advanced editing with the Score mode

  • Rearrange your scanned scores
  • Add instruments and parts
  • Adjust the layout to your liking 

Export to all programs as MusicXML or MIDI

  • You can export your notes (at the click of a button) to almost any music program via the MusicXML or MIDI interface. 

Try ScanScore for free today...

         Export and playback are limited in the trial version. Purchase a license for all functions!
If many people have requested a trial version, receiving a mail can take several hours. 

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