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Now you don’t need to spend hours rewriting, transposing and simplifying your scores anymore. Simply scan your score using a scanner or smartphone, or import PDF and picture files. You can edit, transpose and play back your score. Export as MusicXML or MIDI files and open them in your favorite music software for further processing.

Three products to suit different numbers of instruments, each with the same superior results:


Best value: Four staves for only $39

Version 3.0.5 11-29-2023

  • Scan scores with up to
    4 staves per system
  • For choir singers, piano players, music teachers and educators
  • Suitable for an SATB choir, 4-staff ensemble or piano notes.


1-Year License

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For the pros

Version 3.0.5 11-29-2023

  • Scan complex scores with
    unlimited staves per system
  • For professional musicians, choir or ensemble directors and composers
  • Suitable for a bigger choir, big band or orchestra score.


1-Year License

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ScanScore MELODY

For the price conscious

Version 3.0.5 11-29-2023

  • Scan simple scores with
    1 staff per system
  • For hobby musicians, students, band members and instrumentalists
  • Suitable for a lead sheet, melody or an orchestra part.


1-Year License

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1-Year License

All licenses are 1-year licenses: The license is valid for 365 days from the first activation. Shortly before the license expires, you will be automatically reminded that the license is about to expire. Don't worry - there is no automatic renewal!

Product features




  • Switch between Scan mode and Score mode
  • Easy-to-use toolbars with intuitive editing functions for quick corrections
  • Edit and correct all musical elements with the new Properties menus
  • Adjust view and layout in Score mode
  • Uses new detection algorithms to produce excellent results
  • Scan sheet music using your Smartphone or a conventional scanner
  • Import PDF and picture files
  • Scan lyrics and chords even outside the staff
  • Play back your score or selected staves
  • Transpose scores and staves
  • Edit all musical elements
  • Add, edit or delete bars and staves
  • Export to MIDI to further use in DAW software or play your score back anytime
  • Export to favorite music software using MusicXML format
  • Compatible to MuseScore, Dorico, Sibelius, Notion, Finale, Capella, FORTE, and others
  • Automatic transfer to the favorite music notation software of your choice

System requirements

ScanScore requires a computer with macOS (10.12 Sierra or higher) or Windows (Windows 8 or higher). 

30 day money back guarantee

Any purchase you make from ScanScore is covered by our 30-day full money back guarantee. No questions asked!

Trusted by over 20,000 customers


ScanScore does an excellent job, is easy-to-use and affordable. The program even recognizes more complex partitures, and the text recognition is among the best I have seen!

George F.

Composer and musician


The new ScanScore engine rocks so much more than the previous version. I can scan my sheet music in with my phone and play it back before I begin practising. It's a game changer. Props to your team!

Rachelle G.

hobby musician


Your product is incredible, and I plan to use it for my singing chorus. Have many projects already lined up! My director loves to take original scores and modify them. This product is going to allow us to make changes very quickly. 

Kevin W.

Choir singer


I use ScanScore to practice piano notes with my son. Your program is fantastic. It saves me a lot of time because I don't have to type in the notes myself. And if the notes are too difficult, I transpose them into a simpler key. 

Brian S.

Music teacher

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