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At ScanScore, we’re a team of passionate musicologists, software developers and product managers committed to making your life as a musician easier… and creating tools that help you live your passion for music.

As every musician knows, retyping sheet music is a real hassle… so, over 10 years ago we set out to radically transform the process by developing our music scanning technology. In 2005, we released our first FORTE Notation software. And after years of work and improvements, we were finally ready in 2018 to release the first version of ScanScore.

Our goal: to make scanning sheet music as easy as possible

… and help all musicians scan, transpose and rewrite sheet music, whatever their requirements.

“For a musician, scanning sheet music is a real chance to save a lot of time and trouble. So we wanted to create a musical recognition software that is affordable, easy-to-use and also delivers good scanning results. That's why we created ScanScore: a software developed by musicians for musicians. I am very happy that we are able to bring so much know-how and passion together in this team.” 

Sebastian Lugert, CEO Lugert Publishing House

The ScanScore Team

Dr. Wulf-Dieter Lugert

Product Strategy and Development

Dr. Wulf-Dieter Lugert first founded the Lugert publishing house in 1981.
He’s in charge of ScanScore’s product strategy and development, and is highly knowledgeable in both music and software.

Marvin Juchems-Fellinger

Content and Product Specialist

Marvin is a passionate vocalist and speaker. With experience on various instruments and his degree in music production, he is fascinated by the possibility of combining music and computers - perfect for ScanScore! Marvin helps our customers with any ScanScore content and creates our new tutorials and videos.

Bärbel Romanowski

Customer Support

Bärbel works with heart and soul in ScanScore's customer support. She helps you with all functions of the program and gives further instructions and guidance. And of course she can answer all of your questions about your order and your license.

Barbara Mailbeck

Marketing and PR Manager

Barbara works with the ScanScore support team. She also writes our newsletters and oversees the content of our website. Barbara is a musicologist and regularly attends various orchestras. Whenever possible, she likes to go out for a run.

Anja Schwierz

Customer Support

Anja is there to help you in word and deed. In ScanScore's customer support she will write you instructions and help, find your license and answer all your questions about ScanScore that you might have.

Our Story

In Handorf near Hamburg, Germany you'll find the ScanScore team working on the best and most modern music scan software on the market.

We are a team of developers, product managers, musicologists and marketing experts. Specialists in music software, we bring together music know-how, software expertise and product design. Our goal: to make music scanning easier, faster and more effective for musicians around the world.

But how did we get here? 

The Lugert publishing house 

The ScanScore team was dreamt up inside the Lugert publishing house.

Dr. Wulf-Dieter Lugert started working in the industry more than 20 years ago. He had a vision for combining musical education with contemporary and modern content. It was this vision that led to the creation of the Lugert publishing house.

Since that time, we have offered music education resources for children of all ages from kindergarten to high school. We are committed to helping children and young people experience the diversity and potential of music... and learn to use it in their own lives and develop themselves through it.

Releasing FORTE notation

In 2005, we also began to release our FORTE notation software. FORTE combines the benefits of making music and of emerging digital opportunities for music teachers, choir directors, hobby musicians... and music-lovers everywhere.

Ever since, FORTE has become a worldwide success and is now one of the leading music notation solutions on the market.

Over the years spent developing FORTE, it became clear to us that something was missing. On one hand, we had the analog scores, lead sheets and voice extracts, and on the other hand, we had the digital notation software. However, there was not yet available a good user-friendly interface to connect them. 

ScanScore is born

And so, the idea for ScanScore was born... of a modern, easy-to-use software to help transform analog sheet music into editable digital scores. 

After months of conception, product design and development, the solution is finally here in ScanScore. And we haven't stopped working on it yet. We are constantly and continuously working to make ScanScore even better, easier and faster. The journey has only just begun...

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