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Our ScanScore manual is a great place to start, and it is available as a PDF download and online. Just click the icons below. Because of the different user interface and functions, there are two manuals: one for Scan mode and one for Score mode.  

On this page, you will also find our Knowledge Database for useful articles and helpful video tutorials and articles about using ScanScore, as well as our Introductory Video.

If you look for something specific, use the search function and the index in the online manuals!

If you need further help, please contact our customer support team directly. 

ScanScore Manuals

Manual - Scan mode

PDF Manual Scan mode

Online Manual Scan mode

Manual - Score mode

PDF Manual Score mode

Online Manual Score mode

Knowledge Database

Tutorial Videos

Introductory Video

ScanScore Introductory Video

How to correct recognition errors

How to correct recognition errors

How to transpose

How to transpose

What's new in ScanScore 3?

How to download ScanScore (again)

How to download ScanScore (again)

How to activate your ScanScore license

How to activate your ScanScore license

Blog articles

Release Notes ScanScore 3.0.3
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