Release Notes ScanScore 3.0.3

Improvements & Features

  • New soundfont added
  • Swing feeling playback options added
  • Audio export (mp3) added
  • Transpose options added to the scan mode
  • Arrow navigation added
  • More shortcut options added
  • Switching between metric and imperial length units added
  • Switching between landscape and portrait format added
  • View menu: options added

  • Whole note recognition improved
  • Grace note recognition improved
  • Octave symbols recognition improved
  • Lyrics recognition improved
  • Instrument names recognition improved
  • Editing voices improved
  • Editing stem direction improved
  • Selecting scanning options improved
  • Editing and moving lyrics improved
  • Defining text to chord (or vice versa) improved
  • Selecting types of texts improved

Bug Fixes

  • Instruments sounds fixed
  • Editing rests fixed
  • Numeration of pickup bars fixed
  • Font issues fixed
  • Problematic rests fixed
  • Inserting bar lines fixed
  • Deleting bar lines fixed
  • Multimeasure rests fixed
  • PDF contrast issue fixed
  • Sound when moving notes with the arrow keys fixed
  • Notes too close to the key signature fixed
  • Overlapping title texts fixed

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