ScanScore 2 is available!

Launch offer for new customers

You would like to scan your scores, transpose them, edit them and play them back? Here’s the all brand new
ScanScore 2, the intuitive partner for your scores! The all-improved and expanded ScanScore 2 makes scanning your sheet music as easy as pie.

Launch Rates for ScanScore 2 available!

Coupon code for the clipboard: s6we4z8

You can redeem the voucher code after you have placed a ScanScore product in your shopping cart.
Please note that the voucher is only valid until November 26th, 2019.

That's new in ScanScore 2

1. Note, lyric and chord recognition

ScanScore 2 now recognizes not only notes but also lyrics and chord names. All recognized elements can be intuitively edited afterwards and corrected in case of recognition errors.

2 Directly transpose scanned scores

Now it is possible to transpose scores directly into another key after scanning. This saves the use of another notation program. If the score is then in the desired key, it can of course be listened to and then even printed out.

3 Enhanced playback options

In ScanScore 2 there is now a mixer with which you can freely select the instrument sound and adjust the volume. You can also set the panorama. Another feature is the adjustment of the pitch. This allows you to adjust the sound output for transposing instruments.

4 Export your scanned scores

ScanScore 2 can export scores as MusicXML or MIDI files. Both modules have been improved and allow import into other notation and music programs such as: Dorico, Sibelius, Finale, Capella, FORTE and DAWs.

More information about the features of the three ScanScore versions can be found on the product page.
We wish you a lot of fun with ScanScore 2.

Matthias (and the ScanScore team)

If you are already a customer, you have already received an email from us with your personal upgrade offer. Just have a look in your e-mail box ;-).

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