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Are you frustrated with your current music digitizing setup? Are you a musician living in an apartment with no space or patience for a physical scanner? Well, then it’s time that you meet ScanScore. You need an app that reads sheet music.

ScanScore is a desktop program that comes in three versions: ScanScore Melody, ScanScore Ensemble, and ScanScore Professional. In nutshell, ScanScore melody scans and digitizes music for one-line instruments. ScanScore Ensemble scans and digitizes up to four lines, and ScanScore professional is unlimited. If you want to learn more about the specific pieces of software we offer, visit our blog or product page for more information. Something a lot of ScanScore owners don’t know is that we have a free app that pairs with ScanScore. It’s an app that reads music. So let’s dive in!

How to Download and Get Started Using ScanScore 

ScanScore Capture is an app that scans music. To get started, you first need to do is to purchase one of our products. Take a look at this page, and decide which software is right for you.  If you need some help, don’t hesitate to contact our support team! You can find their link on our website as well.

Once you choose and purchase your program, you will receive an email. Be sure to save this email, because it contains all the info you’ll need to download the program. Each purchase comes with three downloads, so if you have multiple computers or are planning on switching computers later, you can still have access to the program! All the information you need in order to download it will come in the email and when you start downloading the program itself.

The next step is to search ‘ScanScore Capture’ on your smart device’s app. ScanScore Capture is the scanning app that reads music. You can download it on either Android or Apple devices. Now, here’s the (slightly) tricky part: pairing your computer to the app.

Have you ever heard of a QR code? A QR code is a kind of matrix barcode. QR codes help us prevent people from stealing our helpful program for free. So, when you open up the ScanScore desktop program, you will see a bar with these main buttons. 


If you haven’t used the ‘Import from App’ button before, then clicking this button will help you pair the QR code. So what you will do is have both your smart device with the app on, as well as your main ScanScore screen pulled up. 

Once you click the ‘Import from App’ button for the first time, you’ll be lead to a QR code. Next, open the camera on your smart device. Click your touchscreen in the place where you can see the QR code. Once your smart device recognizes the QR code as a QR code, it will let you know that it is paired. Tada! You can now snap pictures of your music using the Scanscore app, and it will send it over to your computer. 

Perks of having an App that Reads Sheet Music

  • ScanScore Capture is an economical way to scan sheet music
  • It is fast and no-fuss
  • Now, with just a laptop and a phone, you can scan music on the go. You now have an app that reads music
  • This app and desktop program is great for music educators especially. Teachers tend to run low on time. This time-efficient app will make their digitizing smooth sailing!
  • Both beginning musicians and advanced musicians can navigate this scanning app. And you don’t have to be a computer guru either- Just snap, scan and send!
  • The app will guide you through the picture-taking process
  • ScanScore Capture’s ability to link to your computer leads to fast and easy transfers
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Scanscore: App Reviews

If you’ve looked at the reviews of the ScanScore app that reads sheet music, you’ve probably noticed that it has received a lot of less-than-stellar reviews. But why? You see comments like “This app doesn’t work at all!” “It’s totally broken!” “What a piece of junk!” and then next to it, you’ll see one star. 

ScanScore is an app that is meant to be paired with the desktop program. It is not an app that plays music. You have to purchase the desktop program before you can pair the free app. Many people who have surfed through the Google Play or App store have unknowingly downloaded our app, in the hopes of getting a free piece of scanning software.

Unfortunately, it’s not all free. But what high-quality things are? ScanScore is a paid desktop program because we put a lot of time and research into your software, and use Optical Music Recognition. None of this is cheap. So, think of it like this: You get what you pay for. The app is your lucky added bonus.

App users who have paired the app with the software, on the other hand, have had raving reviews. One of the comments included “Pretty neat, this is a really cool app!”. So it’s clear to see that the bad rap is just from a misunderstanding.

ScanScore Capture Tips

No piece of software is perfect. Being neither is any app operator. Here are a few key tips to help you get the most out of ScanScore Capture:

  • Do: Take pictures in even lighting
  • Don’t: Take pictures on uneven surfaces like a bed or couch
  • Do: Take your time when snapping shots of your sheet music
  • Don’t: Choose old, ink-splotched, or coffee-stained music. The results will need too much work on your end when it comes to editing. It’s best to find and use a different, higher-quality copy.

In order to make ScanScore Capture work well for you, you have to be honest with yourself about your own photography skills. If you can’t take a picture without camera shake or with good lighting, you might want to consider using that physical scanner after all… The better you work for ScanScore Capture, the better ScanScore Capture works for you. 

The App that Reads Music: Wrap-Up

Thanks for sticking around until the end!  Here’s the wrap up:

  • ScanScore is a desktop software that comes with a complimentary app.
  • There are countless benefits to being able to scan music on the go
  • To get the app, search ‘ScanScore Capture’ in the Google Play or App Store.
  • To pair the app with your computer, simply scan the QR code! 
  • The ScanScore Capture app gets a bad rap because people have downloaded it without the essential desktop software
  • In order to make ScanScore Capture work well for you, you have to be honest about your photography skills. Even lighting, even and dark ink, and pictures taken on a flat surface are all factors that need to be present. 
  • ScanScore is a high-quality program that was created using OMR (optical music recognition) technology

ScanScore Capture is an app that performers, arrangers, and music educators alike have come incorporate into their music scanning software. Not to mention, that once you use our app for easy music importing, you can also edit and playback your music inside the ScanScore computer program itself. So what are you waiting for? Make your life easier, give ScanScore and ScanScore capture a try! 


“Music is the universal language of mankind” -Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

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