Frequent questions about our offers

Note: This promotional offer expired on 30 April 2020 and is no longer valid.

In the current situation there are many questions about our offers.
Here are the most frequent answers:

What is it about?

Music can help us all to get through this time as best as possible. We would also like to support you in isolation as much as possible. Therefore we have thought about how we can offer something helpful to as many of you as possible. These are our offers:
1. ScanScore 2 Melody for $7  (instead of $39)
2. ScanScore 2 Professional for $99 (instead of $159)

How long is the offer valid?

This promotional offer expired on 30 April 2020 and is no longer valid.

I do not have Paypal… can I buy on account?

You can also buy on account. Please contact the sales team of Lugert Verlag:
Otherwise you can pay via PayPal also by direct debit. You do not need a PayPal account for this.

Why is ScanScore 2 Ensemble not on sale?

You can easily upgrade from ScanScore 2 Melody to ScanScore 2 Ensemble and pay only $ 37 in total instead of $ 69. You can also buy ScanScore Melody for $ 7 in our online shop. After purchasing ScanScore Melody, you can go to the product page of ScanScore 2 Ensemble and enter your registered email address and your license key for ScanScore 2 Melody under “Upgrade”. Then you will get the upgrade for $ 30. Now complete the purchase process. You will then receive another email with the license keyfor ScanScore 2 Ensemble. In ScanScore you can activate the new version by clicking on the “Help” tab and selecting the option “Activate new license”. Now enter your email address and the license key for ScanScore 2 Ensemble.

What is the catch?

There is no “catch”. The license has no functionality restrictions and will not expire.

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